China best #80 Plastic Sprockets with Free Design Custom

We are leading provider of plastic energy transmission parts. We have plastic sprockets accessible in ANSI sized #twenty five – #eighty and in a UHMW, Nylatron, or Nylon substance. Other resources this kind of as Repro and Acetal can be employed as properly, and we can produce the plastic metric, double pitch, duplex, engineer course, and custom created sprockets. Some of the main positive aspects of utilizing a plastic roller chain sprocket are that they run quieter and create a much far better use lifestyle on the roller chain. These sprockets are also extremely anti-corrosive, incredibly light-weight, have high impact resistance, and are Fda accepted.

Our plastic sprockets have a much higher tooth deflection than a regular steel sprocket does. This means that a number of enamel will bear the load of the roller chain. With a number of enamel in get in touch with, this indicates that the load capacity of the sprocket will match roughly to the complete operating load of the chain.

Stock #25 Plastic Sprockets

Sprocket Dimensions Tooth Count Substance Pitch Diameter Inventory Bore Length Via Bore
80B15 fifteen UHMW four.810″ one” one-1/2″
80B16 16 UHMW 5.126″ one” 1-1/2″
80B17 seventeen UHMW 5.442″ 1″ 1-1/2″
80B18 eighteen UHMW 5.759″ one” one-1/2″
80B19 19 UHMW 6.076″ one” one-1/2″
80B20 20 UHMW six.392″ one” 1-1/2″
80B21 21 UHMW 6.710″ 1″ one-3/4″
80B22 22 UHMW seven.027″ one” 1-3/4″
80B23 23 UHMW 7.344″ 1″ 1-3/4″
80B24 24 UHMW seven.661″ 1″ one-3/4″
80B25 25 UHMW 7.979″ 1″ one-3/4″
80B26 26 UHMW eight.296″ one” 2″
80B27 27 UHMW 8.614″ 1″ two”
80B28 28 UHMW eight.931″ one” two”
80B29 29 UHMW nine.249″ one” 2″
80B30 thirty UHMW nine.567″ 1″ 2″
80B31 31 UHMW 9.885″ one” 2″
80B32 32 UHMW ten.202″ 1″ two”
80B33 33 UHMW 10.520″ 1″ 2″
80B34 34 UHMW ten.838″ 1″ two”
80B35 35 UHMW 11.156″ one” two”
80B36 36 UHMW 11.474″ one” two”
80B37 37 UHMW 11.792″ 1″ two”
80B38 38 UHMW 12.110″ one” 2″
80B40 forty UHMW 12.746″ one” 2″
80B41 41 UHMW thirteen.063″ 1″ 2″
80B42 forty two UHMW 13.382″ 1″ 2″
80B45 45 UHMW fourteen.336″ 1″ 2″
80B48 48 UHMW 15.290″ one” two”
80B49 forty nine UHMW fifteen.608″ one” 2″
80B50 fifty UHMW fifteen.926″ 1″ two”